It was a rainy evening
When I saw her for the first time
As I took cover under a roof
Cursing the rains
Little did I know
That the next few moments
Would shape the tide of my life.

I guess i saw An angel
She was Looking Good 
And my Heart was beating fast
She was passing by in the rain

I noticed her waist length hair,
Water dripping from the ends like pearls,
I noticed her beautiful face,
Her deep blue, kohl eyes,
Her pinkish cheeks,
Her small nose,
Her pouted lips,
So addictive
Ah- I just love rains

Five minutes passed by,
But the rain my heart did not stop
As I looked around
I saw her running towards the roof
She stood beside me,
Taking heavy breaths,
I noticed her closely
And soon realized…
“Rains are not bad after all”

Around you,
Within too.
Its all about you!

Strange is my heart.
Its keeps you
Yet,misses too!

Eyes ask questions
As you sit across me
I look for alibi.

I sleep with your thought
And rise so;
Carries it within my heart
Wherever I go.

Around you.
Within too,
Find me with you.

A dose of love
Stirred for long,
Ah! potent and strong.

Crazed with feeling.
Under love I m still reeling!

Around you,
Within too,
You will find me true!

 Today, I miss you

Watching the people walking around
Counting their steps a hundred times
Here I am on a crowded street
Beyond the door of that high way
Searching for your smile
That I could not find
Today, I miss you
Just like what my heart says

Watching the traffic lights
And time stood still
Like dreaming of you a thousand times
Suddenly I do not hear a sound,
Only your name
I frozen on a breeze of summer
Today, I miss you
That there is something missing

Walking on a windy park
Watching clouds climbing on a rainbow
And I am still waiting on a dust of memories
That I picture only on my mind
Today, I miss you
No words could I ever say
I need your smile that warm so bright
That I often see in my dreams

Today, I miss you
Like a music that sounds so sweet
But the song is incomplete something is missing
Maybe tunes yes its true
Notes and I guess are you?
It’s always you that I singing about
You complete me
Like words and melody

I want to tell the things I have seen
I want to take you where I have been
The summer, the sky a wonderful day
And I wish you here with me
This time say that you will be mine
Today, I miss you
I really miss you, yes I do

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