I loved the spring in her eyes.
Of rain washed spaces
And placid, azure skies
Just as she liked in me,
The ferocity of storm..
And passionate highs.
I thought her eyes gleamed a light,
Luminous and bright.
I thought,I had cleverly kept
Tears out of her sight.

Her eyes spoke with mine.
A language unheard,
Sensual,yet sublime.
My face felt a strange heat,
Heart,beating a staccato rhyme.

My mind attuned to her rhetoric
Her oft-repeated love song.
The heart craved for another music
Something magical,
To pull me along..

I marveled at his belief,that
Stared right in my eye.
She believed in my deception
As I basked in my beautiful lie.

If I have a moment
I'd capture that moment
You would be right here next to me
If I had the treasured loving heart
The will give my treasure to your love
I would plant your treasure beneath my heart
Lock it all up
Throw away the key
I would never give it up
Cause I was just a fool
A fool for you
And I loved you

What you did to me babe,
I ain't never felt this way
I felt warm in my heart,
Somebody, somebody, tell me
What's this feeling
I don't have a clue what to do
When it comes to you
Baby, you're so beautiful
Every time I see you girl, it throw me off
It's so unusual
For me to be waiting
But I don't want to leave you girl,
But you should know this girl
But from here now baby I'm will be there for you

Why am I mad, I don't get it,
It seems like every time you give me signs,
And I miss it!
I did it again,
I admit it,
I left you standing there,
And now I regret it,
Seems like every time,
I get the chance,
I lose my cool, and I blow it,
And I get all tongue tied,
Lost in your eyes,
I'm a fool, and I know it!

I should have told you my love,
Your love was never far away,
I knew you love me,
Uh, Use to be valentines,
Together all the time,
My heart big but it beat quiet,
I don’t never feel like we vi bin,
Cause every time we alone its a awkward silence,
I don’t wanna have to let you go,
But baby I think its better if I let you know.

I should have told you my love,
Your love was never far away from my heart.

I should've kissed you,
I should've told you,
Told you just how I feel,
And next time I won't stop,
I'll listen to my heart,
Cause what I feel is real!
I should've kissed you,
I should've told you how I feel,
I should've kissed you,
I should've showed you how I feel
Should've kiss u

I shed a tear today
Silently, I felt it fall
You caught it
shared it
held it
felt it
it wasn't
so big
after all
you shared my heart
felt my pain
touched my soul
your mine-
i am yours

across the miles
you touched my life,
opened my eyes, and
filled my empty heart-

strangers, yet friends,
our spirits reach out,
always touching, never apart- -

you in the east,
me in the west,
never together,
never apart- -

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