I shed a tear today
Silently, I felt it fall
You caught it
shared it
held it
felt it
it wasn't
so big
after all
you shared my heart
felt my pain
touched my soul
your mine-
i am yours

across the miles
you touched my life,
opened my eyes, and
filled my empty heart-

strangers, yet friends,
our spirits reach out,
always touching, never apart- -

you in the east,
me in the west,
never together,
never apart- -

We met upon
the internet,
My heart you did
not have yet.

I sit and wait each day,
for the song my
heart will soon play.

Of laughter, love and tears,
You have washed away
all my fears.

To be my friend
and see so deep,
I now know why
I don't get
much sleep.

I have waited
through all these
To find something
to hold so dear.

And now I know
I'll never be
For I have found
a true friend
in you.

you will find other
true friend
in Me .

I never came here looking for a single soul.
But now that I found you I want you to know

I had forgotten how to smile, how to laugh, how to be me
I had forgotten the sweet pleasure of a heart filled with glee.

I was intoxicated with life... work and family
Never stopping for fun... it just wasn't there you see.

Since I have found you... it's been a complete turn around
I smile and laugh again... not much gets me down.

I get excited when I see you online
Wondering what it is today we will do...

Chatting, laughing and the games we play
You make my every day.

It seems so silly on just a machine
How someone can reach you... become your everything.

Take my hand and follow me
to that place I long to be.
Take my hand and trust my way,
in that place forever stay.

Follow me toward the sand;
we'll run and play, hand in hand.
Take my heart and hold it true;
forever I'll stay close to you.

Seize my words and listen well,
then forever I will tell.
Release your heart and feelings too,
just as I will do for you.
Trust your heart and follow me,
to that place we long to be.

The roads might be a little hazy
but for a moment, they'll be cleared
and perhaps you'll find your way
through the beauty of the expedition
that's raveling within your heart.

Love is never promised,
but it's worth all the risk
for the reward is a pair of wings
with hope of flight
without all the littered debris.

Life is a quest full of roads,
long, short, up, and down,
but it is only you
who makes the decision
which way to go.

The roads may be long and winding,
but that won't stop me
from taking a journey to your heart.

my love..
My Love.......

yes, thats what you are.
A love i cannot explain,
a love i do not understand.
Can i call it friendship?
or some kind of attraction?
Whatever you may call it,
for me, its sincere affection.
The paths of lfe will take us
to the two opposite ends,
and when in the crowd i'll see you,
i'l say - 'that was my only friend.'

Days pass
But,love of her never change

She is an angel.
And she is my fairy
She showed me world

When i look up an stare at stars
I think of you
who brought me into this world

I can never forget …
The way you Loved me
When Dad used to yell at me
But u cared me
let me Sleep in your arms
I used to dream about !!!!
Toys u brought me ..

And Contended you are
Seeing my jovial Face
How you never held back
Your Love !!!!!

Even when I could do
Nothing for you !!!!!!

Now I want to reached a place
When all I want
Is to Reward your
Sacrifices !!!!!

I know that what you
Have done for me
Can never be
Repaid in full

But I’d still like to try ….
But it was painful in my heart
when i see you ..

Cry ..
I use to wipe those tears with innocent smile
U saw the world in my eyes an be happy
u thought that i was world to you

For Me , u are precious to me
Your the boon

Mom ..

It was a rainy evening
When I saw her for the first time
As I took cover under a roof
Cursing the rains
Little did I know
That the next few moments
Would shape the tide of my life.

I guess i saw An angel
She was Looking Good 
And my Heart was beating fast
She was passing by in the rain

I noticed her waist length hair,
Water dripping from the ends like pearls,
I noticed her beautiful face,
Her deep blue, kohl eyes,
Her pinkish cheeks,
Her small nose,
Her pouted lips,
So addictive
Ah- I just love rains

Five minutes passed by,
But the rain my heart did not stop
As I looked around
I saw her running towards the roof
She stood beside me,
Taking heavy breaths,
I noticed her closely
And soon realized…
“Rains are not bad after all”

Around you,
Within too.
Its all about you!

Strange is my heart.
Its keeps you
Yet,misses too!

Eyes ask questions
As you sit across me
I look for alibi.

I sleep with your thought
And rise so;
Carries it within my heart
Wherever I go.

Around you.
Within too,
Find me with you.

A dose of love
Stirred for long,
Ah! potent and strong.

Crazed with feeling.
Under love I m still reeling!

Around you,
Within too,
You will find me true!

 Today, I miss you

Watching the people walking around
Counting their steps a hundred times
Here I am on a crowded street
Beyond the door of that high way
Searching for your smile
That I could not find
Today, I miss you
Just like what my heart says

Watching the traffic lights
And time stood still
Like dreaming of you a thousand times
Suddenly I do not hear a sound,
Only your name
I frozen on a breeze of summer
Today, I miss you
That there is something missing

Walking on a windy park
Watching clouds climbing on a rainbow
And I am still waiting on a dust of memories
That I picture only on my mind
Today, I miss you
No words could I ever say
I need your smile that warm so bright
That I often see in my dreams

Today, I miss you
Like a music that sounds so sweet
But the song is incomplete something is missing
Maybe tunes yes its true
Notes and I guess are you?
It’s always you that I singing about
You complete me
Like words and melody

I want to tell the things I have seen
I want to take you where I have been
The summer, the sky a wonderful day
And I wish you here with me
This time say that you will be mine
Today, I miss you
I really miss you, yes I do

Before this dead silence consumes
My spirit , my soul
When even sunlight doesn't glare at me
I think of am i lost ?
Lost in time or lost in love ?
Love and love only confuses me ,
Only for you i stand .
With all my heart .
This night , i will sacrifice myself .
And when i whisper those magical words
Would you say the same to me .
Are would you scream a "what "??
Even when the truth glitters before me
Even when i know you are anther's love .
Kiss me now ! for one time , for the last time
As i give away my life for your love
All i need is you ,
But i know ,
I will wither away in this truth
And you walk into somebody's soul ,
But you must know all i knew was " i Love you " .


She was a flower with a lost fragrance
She Was a tear with lost emotions
She was a night with a lost day
She was a rainbow with lost colours
Because” She was a girl Who lost her Heart”
She was Full of love an funny
But Love Left her alone 
I Loved this girl 
Who made me think what i was

As days passed 
The magic words came out
"I love You "

Was what i said to her 
She Game Me the Hand of friendship

As we parted by our friendship
Grow into a tree of Love


A thought of losing u, made me tremble
A smile without you, was dull and sad
A day without you, was gloomy and incomplete
A night without you was long and lonely
But now, “A life without you is simply LIFELESS”

let us dance!

Let Us Dance

shake your hand
roll your eyes
tap the earth
& wave for a while
that is dance in my eyes!

none can teach
none can preach
all you need is zest & zeal
that is dance in my eyes!

full of emotions
full of life
loads of pleasure
with infinite smiles
that is dance in my eyes!

thrills the audience
makes them wild
hopping popping all around
that is dance in my eyes!

The Pain In M Heart

Invading the small oasis of my solitude
There came by your memories,
Still so fresh in my mind!
Caressed and kissed my tears
And pain stabbed my 'heart divine'
Your love is still potent in my mind
And I still remember your smile
The warmth of your hand...
Warms my thoughts.
And my dreams stretch away miles...

Now you are gone and nothing remains
My heart grows colder every second
You have become a blurred
Silhouette of my love
And your spell has left me
shattered again!

A Kiss in the Rain 

 I move in close, with my hands on her waist
I take it slow, no rush, no haste

It rained slowly in the full moon shines
She slides her arms around my neck, and says “your mine”

The rain picks up and it soaks our hair
But our eyes are focused, we have no cares

I whisper in her ear, “I love you my dear
“You will always be smiling, you have no use for tears”

“I will love you forever, is my vow to you”
“You are my heavenly dove, may it always be true”

She smiles at me, with joy and bliss
My lips meet hers, and in the rain we kiss

The rain itself, dances all around
As I kiss my sweetheart, without a sound

The rain glides through the air and I hold her tight
It’s like the angels are crying, such a beautiful sight

Her tongue touches mine and its ecstasy
A kiss in the rain sets my emotions free

She pulls my lower lip and it takes its toll
My whole body tingles, like I’ve lost control

As the rain falls down I just can’t believe
That I need her to move, to think, to breathe

I take a step back and I look in her eyes
She tells me she loves me and my heart just flies

If you believe perfection simply isn’t real
Kiss your love in the rain, and I promise you’ll feel

Many things in this world can wash away pain
But none of them compare, to kiss in the rain 


I see the Light so bright .
Is a story .
Are morning Glory .

Days Never seemed the same .
It was cold and felt like a .
smile of Happiness in my heart .

I was not conscious ,
what it was .
I doubted it was love .

Words kept me worried .
But it's raining Love in my heart .
I think Who & how it was .

The moments where My living dream .
Heart felt Love .
pouring Out for the one i love.

But words kept confusing.
what it leads to.

I stand on the other side of the road
waiting for the love.
All this time .

But when i cross the road
for Love .
It took me for granted .
And Gave me the tender touch
Of wonderful world.